RECIPES' co-creative process and needs assessment results

From May 2020 to January 2021, the RECIPES team has engaged in a co-creative process to identify needs and ideas for guidelines and tools to support the future application of the precautionary principle. Needs expressed by stakeholders during this process relate to participation, to the organisation of expertise and to the extent of application of the precautionary principle.

Stakeholder workshops series

The RECIPES team had planned to engage stakeholders during a series of workshops to discuss scenarios for future application of the precautionary principle and to identify needs for new tools and guidelines for implementing the precautionary principle. After the co-creation process was disrupted by the restrictions for travel and in-person meetings due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the RECIPES team adjusted its methodology to ensure co-creation via online formats, including webinars and digital platforms.

During the first phase of the co-creative process, stakeholders were asked to assess three scenarios, one in which current practice continues, one in which precaution is strengthened, and on which emphasises innovation. Based on the feedback provided, the RECIPES team developed a vision for the future implementation of the precautionary principle in the EU. The vision may be summarised as follows

Implementation of the precautionary principle shall ensure a high level of proactive protection of human health and the environment, and stimulate socially desired innovation.

Needs mapping

Based on the vision for future implementation of the precautionary principle, the RECIPES team engaged in a co-creative process with stakeholders to identify and map needs. These needs can be clustered in:

  • Participation: Need for transparency of the process, clarity about the host and the procedure, improved quality of formats for engagement, early involvement, etc.
  • Organisation of expertise: Need to decrease influence of political interests, for a clear definition of scientific evidence, for institutionalised standards, etc.
  • Extent of application: Need to formulate the precautionary principle in a way that encourages sustainable competition and sustainable economy, to strengthen application for technologies which are already on the marked, etc.

A description of the co-creative process and the results of the needs assessment can be found in the report which is available HERE.

The main findings of the needs assessment process have been compiled in a policy brief.



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